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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In the day garden

These are just a couple of photographs I took using a Nikon SLR camera (it's very big, clunky and quite complicated to use!). I edited these images using the iPhoto software on my laptop. I am learning how to use other imaging software such as GIMP, so watch this space! 


  1. Hi Ayesha! Lovely post :) PLEASE can I call upon your expertise to advise me on a good camera to use for pics on my blog? I'm currently using my iPhone 5 which is great, but if you have any recommendations for something more 'professional' please let me know... price is no issue. Thanks and looking forward to your next post, Sonia :) x

  2. Hi Sonia! Thanks for your comment :) although I'm no expert! I'm still learning as I go on :) I took these pictures using a Nikon (my dad's - I made a mistake with the model before but will find out officially for you!) but I also take most of my photos using an iPhone and then just edit them to make the images a bit sharper! I have heard Canons are also very good :) Hope this helps! xx